Aim true.

Small City is actually pretty darn BIG, which means we’ve got plenty of room for your next photoshoot or gathering. For a tour, more information, or specific availability, please write


General availability:

  • Available for non-flash photography sessions anytime

  • Available for flash photography sessions in the evening and on weekends

  • Available for gatherings in the evening and on weekends
  • Available occasionally for weekdays during normal work hours; contact us to discuss the details and whether we can accommodate


  • $125 per hour*
  • Three-hour minimum rental
  • 50% deposit required to make a reservation

Rentals include:

  • A large space (roughly 40 by 20 feet) within our 3000sf warehouse, reserved for your purposes

  • A mounted roll of 9-ft wide seamless that you can either use as a photo backdrop or a projection screen

  • A projector, three tables, 24 chairs, and various other vintage furniture and props
  • A wood-floor platform, roughly 450sf in size
  • Natural light streaming from large windows as well as our roll up garage door (weather permitting)
  • Shared access to our kitchen and meeting room
  • Shared access to two bathrooms, or one large bathroom reserved for your private use
  • Wifi

And with 48-hour notice, rentals may also include:

  • A reserved parking space

  • A clothing rack

  • A steamer
  • An Apple display monitor
  • A screenprint flash dryer
  • A dozen glue guns : )
  • Removal of certain furniture within the rental area

In terms of gatherings, we think our space is ideal for:

  • Classes and workshops 

  • Dinner parties

  • Board meetings
  • Screenings
  • Product launch gatherings
  • Tastings
  • Book clubs

*pricing may increase based on number of attendees/crew, complexity of buildout, and during weekdays or normal work hours