More than desks. 

Sure, Small City is a co-working space. But we’re much more than a place to work. We’re a collection of warm, talented people who genuinely care about one another. Although we would be remiss not to mention that our space is pretty sweet. Housed in a 3000sf warehouse, Small City is filled with natural light, vintage furniture, meeting areas, a full kitchen, and around 25 of those aforementioned desks. For us, coworking is an opportunity to engage with, support, and celebrate one another’s professional and personal accomplishments. Our sense of camaraderie, rather than competition, is what we believe makes New York’s creative community so damn great.   


Get familiar.

From Technology Whisperers to Epic Storytellers, the people of Small City are what make this place special. It's no coincidence that we're not only Ground Breakers and Industry Leaders, but also High Fivers and Big Huggers. Get to know us; even the Reality Checkers among us are also Big Squishy Heart Havers.   


Get together.

We love to welcome the broader creative community into our space. Whether it's casual cocktails or hands-on workshops, attending events at Small City is great way to spend time. If you're more inclined to make friends than contacts, consider yourself invited to join the fun.  


Get the picture.

Looking for a professional but informal space for a photo or video shoot? You'll be glad to know that Small City is available for rentals. With high ceilings, long uninterrupted spaces, natural light, and cool industrial surroundings, we think our warehouse provides a perfect backdrop. We also have actual backdrops (seamless), plus a treasure trove of vintage props and furniture available for your use. 




Get here.

Located on the same block as the Smith & 9th Street stop of the F/G trains, we are a literal stone's throw from the canal in Gowanus, Brooklyn…assuming you can throw a stone 30 feet. Pretty sunsets, tugboats, and confused geese make regular appearances right outside our windows.  

Small City
55-C 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215


Special thanks to Sara Kerens, Jen Mussari, Jonnie Hallman and Creighton Mershon for being our in-house photographers; and to Adobe for their support with our digital media tools.