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Ghostly Ferns Shindig

ROLL UP, ROLL UP! Get your butts ready for an evening of madness and mayhem. For one night only (ok maybe we'll do this another time, buuuut not for a WHILE) Ghostly Ferns is having a shindig in Brooklyn! Yes, the entire Ghostly gang will be in town and they want to hang with YOU!

"Yo, but what the fudge is a Ghostly Ferns Shindig?"

Glad you asked! We've got three words for you... BOOZE, BINGO AND A POP-UP SHOP, which is maybe six/seven words, but y'all know what we mean. Come check out our Ghostly HQ. We'll be debuting new products and our new game, Ghostly Ferns Boobin' Bingo!

You coming or WHAT?